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Network Security Cameras on your TV

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Raspberry Pi GitHub release GPL-3.0

Pronounced: Ras - Pip - See - Tee - Vee

Goal: Display network security cameras on a TV or dedicated display; all managed remotely with a simple and modern WebUI.

Under Very Heavy Development - NON FUNCTIONAL is a fancy web front end for omxplayer, the Raspberry Pi command line video player. Loaded up on a Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit card sized computer, It allows you to quickly and easily get your security cameras video feeds displayed on your Television with many great layouts that you can customize.

In CCTV lingo it is an Network Camera to HDMI adapter with a modern browser interface. With ready to go SD card images (think firmware) you don't need to be a linux expert, it is setup so you will not need to use the command line just like your linux powered security cameras.

Raspberry Pi3

Should you be inclined to dig into the Raspbian OS you'll find that there are plenty of avilable resources left for doing other tasks, such as running a local VPN Server. You can find guides online for getting them going and once running you can securely access your cameras remotely without exposing them to the dangers of the internet.

Online Demo:

Features (95% Complete)



Raspberry Pi Video

The Raspberry Pi was chosen because it has excellent video performance for such a tiny and affordable little machine. It has hardware support for H264 MPEG4 MJPG MPEG2 video formats which covers basically all IP Cameras. (no h265 sorry, lets hope Raspberry Pi 4k is next!)


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Feature Wish list:

This is a todo list of awesome ideas I would like to get around to but haven't got around to implementing yet.


If you found this extremely useful and would like to donate to the cause I always have a need for more hardware to test and experiment with.